Our hens come first because we know that happy hens lay delicious eggs.

We pride ourselves on the care and husbandry of our flocks.
All our hen egg production is certified to the stringent
British Egg Industry Council Lion Standard and the RSPCA Assured Standard.

Our business started with free-range egg production when John and Rachel Geldard built one of Britain’s first commercial free-range chicken sheds at Low Foulshaw Farm in the late 1980s. They helped pioneer the movement that now places Britain as a world leader in high welfare egg production.

We keep our hens well fed and cared for in carefully designed free-range environments, striving to ensure they are happy hens.

We care for our flock on our farm and use a dedicated group of farmers to produce eggs to the same high standards.

Environmental initiatives on our farm, such as planting trees and enhancing our hedgerows establishing wildlife corridors, help make a more diverse and sustainable farm environment offering a better quality of life to our hens.

The best eggs come from well looked after flocks.

From fantastic free-range hen eggs to delicious duck eggs and our excellent value farm fresh eggs, they’re all a tasty addition to almost any meal.

Our Eggs