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Experience the
Best Quality Eggs
from Our
Family-Run Farm

We’ve been leading the way in egg production for over 30 years. We’re all about top-quality eggs, which is why we’re certified by British Lion Quality and have a BRC AA-grade packing centre.

We care about the planet, too – from restoring hedgerows and creating wildlife spaces to making our own electricity through environmentally friendly solar panels. By choosing Geldard Farm Eggs, you’re supporting sustainable farming practices and enjoying fresh, lovely eggs.

Our Farm
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Supplying Fresh Local Eggs
to Independent Retailers
and National Supermarkets

We’re all about local and regional egg production. We supply fresh,
top-quality eggs to independent shops, supermarkets, and food service providers, ensuring the freshest local eggs make it to your plate.

Our Eggs
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Sustainability from
Farm to Table

Sustainability is at the core of what we do. We use eco-friendly practices to protect the environment and provide fresh, tasty eggs. We continually seek new green initiatives as we believe local food for local people is the best way to achieve long-term sustainability.

Our green initiatives include:

  • Hedgerow Restoration:
    Bringing back native plants and habitats.
  • Wildlife Corridors:
    Creating safe pathways for local wildlife.
  • Solar Power:
    Generating clean energy to power our farm.
  • Low Emission Vehicles:
    Delivering eggs to our customers.
  • Herbal Grasses:
    Planted in our fields to reduce carbon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Geldard Farm Eggs?

Our eggs are available at local shops, national supermarkets, and through food service providers.

What are your brands of eggs called?

We select our eggs to be perfect for the price and quality standards of each of our egg brands. Our brands include Big Yolkers, South Lakeland Free Range Eggs, Northern Fresh Value Eggs and Farm Fresh Eggs.

Read all about our eggs here.

What makes your eggs special?

Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and animal welfare sets us apart. We invest in eco-friendly practices, such as solar power and wildlife conservation, to ensure our eggs are fresh and delicious.

Our hens are fed a nutritious diet, which makes for the richest and loveliest yolks

How do you ensure the welfare of your hens?

Our hens are treated with the utmost care and enjoy a nutritious diet. We prioritise their health and happiness to produce the best quality eggs.

What sustainability practices do you follow?

We restore hedgerows, create wildlife corridors, and generate clean energy with solar power. These initiatives help us maintain a healthy environment and support long-term sustainability.

What certifications do your eggs have?

Our eggs are certified by British Lion Quality, and our packing centre is BRC AA grade. These certifications ensure our eggs meet high standards of quality and safety.

Do you offer wholesale options for businesses?

We supply eggs to various businesses, including independent shops, supermarkets and food service providers. Please contact us for more information about our wholesale options.